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The environment

Environmental policy
Salico peels, picks over, cuts, washes and packs fresh fruit and vegetable mixes, packs unwashed salad leaves and mixes and packages chilled prepackaged meal solutions.
In order to run the business in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible, we strive continuously to:

  • Actively work to protect the environment and actively strive to minimise energy and water consumption, thereby reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and other emissions.
  • Choose vegetable and food products that are primarily grown in accordance with Global GAP and IP standards.
  • Take the environmental impact of a product or service into consideration when procuring machinery, transport, transport packaging, etc.
  • Use machines and production processes that have the smallest possible impact on the environment.
  • Continuously analyse new technology, and introduce it where this is environmentally and financially feasible.
  • Transport leftover organic waste to biogas facilities.

Salico shall:

  • Actively work with our customers and suppliers in an effort to minimise the environmental impact of our products and the company.
  • Have a two-way partnership with the authorities and comply with laws and ordinances that apply to the organisation in regard to the environment.
  • Actively work to prevent contamination.
  • When procuring new technology/investments, consider the environmental impact and energy consumption of the product/service that is being invested in throughout the life cycle.
  • Establish specific, measurable goals where possible.

Environmental certification
Salico has been certified in accordance with ISO 14001 since 2013 by SAI Global Scandinavia.