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Privacy policy

STC GreenFood respects your integrity and we are keen to protect your personal information. We will collect, process and use personally identifiable information solely in accordance with Swedish legislation on data protection (the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998:204)). This privacy policy ("privacy policy") clarifies the information that may be collected on all websites within the STC GreenFood Group, and how that information is used. This privacy policy may be updated without prior notice, so it is important to read and thereby approve the policy each time you visit any of our websites. All changes to the privacy policy take effect immediately upon publication.

Your information and how it is used
We respect the integrity of our online users. Our web servers recognise and save certain non-personal information about our visitors' computers. At present, this may comprise information about the browser and/or operating system, domain name or the visitor's IP address, number of visitors to a specific page on one of our websites, and the nature and duration of the visit. This information may be used to analyse data traffic and as a basis for making improvements. We may also collect such information for the purpose of statistical data, but do not share this information with any other party. Our visitors cannot be identified using this information.

As new technology becomes available, we may collect other non-personal information for the aforementioned purpose. We do not ask visitors to register or provide information in order to view our websites. Nor do we collect personal information from visitors unless this information is volunteered.

Personal information that is volunteered will be used:

(I) to meet your needs and respond to queries, and

(II) for the stated purpose under the relevant point at which these data are collected or under the terms that apply to that specific part of a website.

In the event of any permission given relating to data protection, we will delete the personal information immediately if you choose to revoke your consent. In other cases, we delete personal information when it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected.

As well as the non-personal information described above, we may also transmit cookies. Cookies are text files that are saved on your computer to help a website analyse how the visitor uses the site. Cookies make it easier for the visitor to use a particular website, e.g. by remembering the password and preferences.  There is a difference between cookies for a single visit, which are deleted after the visit, and permanent cookies which are stored for 12 months.

In themselves, cookies do not contain any personal information. We may analyse the information that derives from these cookies and match these data with other non-personal information. Your web browser settings allow you to decide whether you will accept cookies. You can also delete cookies manually from your computer memory. Please note that certain parts of our websites do not function at their best or may be slower if you choose not to accept cookies or deactivate cookies in your settings.