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Salico is a producer of fresh cut vegetables and fruit and prepackaged meal solutions, and we manufacture these products under our SallaCarte and EDEN brands. We also carry out private label production for other companies such as McDonald´s, as well as for food manufacturers that need fresh, quality-assured processed products for their own production.
As the market leader in fresh cut produce, we see it as an honour to drive the development toward more innovative functional products and concepts. We have picked over, cut, washed and spun produce for over 25 years to make life easier for our customers.
Our lengthy partnership with McDonald´s has required us to develop our processing techniques and we are committed to ensuring food safety from seed to finished product. Our processing uses special machines, clean water and no added chemicals.

Fresh cut offers many benefits:

  • Easy to calculate – fixed prices
  • No waste
  • Simple processing
  • Complete traceability
  • Innovative products
  • Ready to use

Handling advice
Salads are chilled goods kept at between +1°C and +4°C. We therefore have an unbroken refrigeration chain all the way out to our customers. Immediately storing the product at the correct temperature achieves an optimal shelf life, provided that the packaging remains sealed. Since products are prepackaged, they can be stored in any kind of refrigerator. Read more about our products under the respective business area: Convenience, Food Service and Industry.