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A proud history

Salico was founded in 1989 to supply McDonald's restaurants with top-quality ready cut salad. In our first three years, McDonald´s was Salico's only customer. But it wasn't long before our concept evolved.

  • 1987    Where it all started! Björn and Jonas set up on a small scale and supply fresh cut iceberg lettuce to three McDonald’s restaurants in Gothenburg.
  • 1989    Salico is set up and completely new premises are built on Långeberga in Helsingborg, forming the foundations of the Salico we know today. Deliveries are made to the 25 existing McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden.
  • 1993    The SallaCarte brand is set up to supply the restaurant and canteen market. The range includes 20 different products, fresh cut and ready for serving.
  • 1996    100 McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden are now supplied by Salico.
  • 2000    McDonald’s 200th restaurant opens in Sweden.
  • Salico OY is set up in Finland to meet the need for fresh cut produce in the Finnish market.
  • 2003    A new production line is built and an innovation launched: sliced tomatoes.
  • 2003    Salico becomes certified according to the BRC standard, and remains so to the present day.
  • 2003    New product: fruit bags containing sliced apples and grapes.  
  • 2006    467 McDonald’s restaurants throughout the Nordic Region receive all or parts of their fruit and vegetable range from Salico.
  • 2007    Salico launches private label production for ICA: prepared, complete salads and organic lettuce mixes.
  • 2011    The Food Factory is ready for production of prepared salads such as fresh coleslaw and similar products.
  • 2011    Salico and Ewerman become full sister companies within STC GreenFood AB and all production takes place in Helsingborg at three different facilities: the Salad Factory, the Vegetable Factory and the Food Factory.
  • The product range now includes over 150 different items for both restaurants and canteens as well as the consumer market, all ready to eat.
  • 2011    A concept for prepackaged, ready-to-eat salad meals is launched, initially at McDonald’s in Denmark and then subsequently in Finland and Sweden.  
  • 2012    Salico introduces fresh pineapple sticks on the McDonald’s menu.
  • 2014    Salico celebrates 25 years in business and is the market leader for fresh cut produce in the Nordic Region.