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Salico's products come from contracted growers, with no shortcuts or middlemen. We obtain raw materials both from our geographical surroundings and from farther away when so dictated by the climate. In all cases, we work closely with our growers, all of whom are Global GAP or IP certified. We have broad purchasing expertise and prioritise high quality and service, farsightedness, complete traceability and food safety rather than always getting the lowest price. This means we take a little more care of our growers, and they do the same for us.

High food safety standards and complete traceability
Our food safety standards are as high as they can possibly be. Each product and pack is processed carefully at all stages, undergoing several detailed checks. Should a product unexpectedly turn out to be damaged, we can act very quickly.
A unique number is created for the raw material when it arrives at our facility. This number enables complete traceability at all stages, from customer to the place in which the raw material was grown. Food safety also includes regular arrival checks, and our laboratory carries out storage checks on selected products until the product has passed its best before date. Even once the product is delivered to the customer, we continue to follow up and work preventively together with our customers.