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As food lovers, we don't take any shortcuts. In order for the fruit, vegetables and salads to be fresh and tasty, everything must be done correctly from the outset. We therefore choose our growers with great care. We care a little more about our growers, and they do the same for us. This is how we produce top quality items that taste good and keep well at the right price.
Good raw materials are crucial in order for us to maintain such high quality. We work closely with our growers, all of whom are Global GAP or IP certified, to ensure that the raw materials that enter our production lines meet our high standards of quality.
Growers certified in accordance with Global Gap or the IP Sigill symbol follow strict rules to guarantee the quality of products and protect the environment. Use of chemical insecticides and fertilisers is severely restricted and crops are strictly controlled. Even the choice of field and order of crops are regulated under the Global Gap and IP rules.

Far from all vegetables in the Swedish retail trade come from Global Gap and IP cultivation, but we have chosen to work only with these growers because we know it guarantees the high quality of our raw materials.
High food safety standards
In addition to the certification programmes we comply with, we also adhere to various customer standards. As a McDonald´s supplier, the standard of our production is higher than, for example, the BRC standard.
In-house laboratory
Salico has for many years had its own laboratory, enabling continuous sampling and quick results. We have complete control of the entire workflow, from soil to table. We take daily samples to ensure consistent, high quality – as is also required in order to maintain the company's certified status. The laboratory works in accordance with the requirements and principles of ISO 17025.