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The widest range of fruit and vegetables on the market

Greenfood has a very strong position in the Nordic region within healthy foods, exemplified by the market leading Picadeli salad bar concept which is highly appreciated by both consumers and retailers. The Company has sales of SEK 3.9 bn (EUR 420 mn), c. 700 employees and is headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden. We were established in 2009 and provide the widest assortment in the Nordic market within traditional fruits and vegetables as well as a modern, healthy and convenient food assortment.

There is an obvious trend towards healthier eating, but also an increasing requirement for it to be easy and convenient. We at Greenfood drive the innovation and product development within convenient healthy foods in the Nordic region. In addition, we have a very strong retail solution, Picadeli, which offers both the retailers and consumers the opportunity to buy healthy salads in a very easy and personalised way.

The Greenfood Group was established in 2015 through a combination of Picadeli and STC Greenfood. The two companies enjoy significant synergies which will further strengthen the customer and consumer offerings of convenient healthy food as well as innovation capabilities. We now cover all steps of the fruit and vegetable value chain, from chosen farmers to your everyday life, and comprises of  Picadeli, Fresh Cut and Sourcing.