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Fresh prepackaged meal solutions

The prepackaged meal market is evolving and the demand for modern, healthy ready meals continues to grow. We know that a lot more will happen in the fresh prepackaged meal solutions market; this is not a trend, but is here to stay – and it continues to grow. We naturally have a place and play a leading role as an innovative market leader with a wide range of fresh prepackaged meal solutions.

Continuous product development
The need for fresh prepackaged meal solutions continues to grow. By developing new solutions – for both the retail trade and for restaurant businesses – we are helping to create these trends and meet the needs behind them. Innovations include deli counters, salad bars and pick-your-own counters, ready packed produce in bags, and even complete salads with protein and dressing kept separate – all in the same packaging. Our products include everything from coleslaw and bean salad to Asian noodle salads.

Fresh prepackaged meal solutions strengthen the business
Save time Minimise waste Simple, efficient processing High standards of food safety Complete traceability Reduce refrigeration space Continuous product development

Shelf life advice
We have an unbroken refrigeration chain all the way to our customers. Our fresh prepackaged meal solutions come in gastro trays or other suitable packaging, and are stored at between +1°C and +4°C. The shelf life for sealed packages is between 7 and 14 days.