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Food service

As early as the 1980s, we identified the need for fresh cut produce in canteens and restaurants. Shortly afterward, we initiated a partnership with McDonald´s, and today we supply fresh cut fruit and vegetables to all their restaurants in the Nordic Region, but also to famous restaurateurs, all of whom prioritise quality above all else.

The most efficient way to chop vegetables is not to do it at all
The products are cut and chopped, washed in fresh, cold water and are ready to serve. Ideal for canteens wishing to serve food efficiently at a consistently high standard of quality. Our range is easily the widest on the market, but we are never truly satisfied. Instead, with an eye to trends and the specific needs of our customers, we are constantly broadening our range.

Fresh cut fruit and vegetables offer many benefits:

  • Ready to use.
  • Easy to calculate – fixed prices.
  • No waste.
  • Simple processing.
  • Complete traceability.

SallaCarte sortiment pdf 

Sallacarte färdigskuret för matproffs pdf